Thursday, January 3, 2013

Valentine's Conversation Hearts

Yesterday I was unable to make a post, which I apologize for, I just had to go to the hospital last night and get told that I had bronchitis, which I already knew, but I'm back tonight! To make up for yesterday, I'll be providing you all with two posts tonight! :)

One thing you'll learn about me the more I post is that I like to decorate for holidays. Not just the normal Halloween and Christmas, I like to decorate for Valentine's, St. Patrick's, and Easter too! Let's be clear, I don't go all out and have like massive inflatable hearts and rabbits in my yard or anything, it's just small things around the house like wreaths (I REALLY love wreaths), simple centerpieces for my kitchen table, and maybe some things to hang up on the windows (window clings) or a little around the house stuff. It's never really a situation of my house puking a particular holiday... Except for maybe Halloween and Christmas, which I really like to go all out for, however, even at that, it's nothing like those TLC specials you'll see.

Tonight I bring to you a project I completed recently in honor of Valentine's Day. I came across it on Pinterest some time during the last year or so and thought "I can do that! It's so easy!". The lady's blog didn't provide me with any instructions really because she makes and sells them herself. And why on Earth would *I* buy something that I could just make myself!

(Not my picture, this is from the original creator, which you can check out by clicking on the title below)

Wooden Hearts (One for each person in your family, or whoever you're making it for)
Pastel paint colors (think Conversation heart colors) - get one color for each heart
Red sticker colors or red paint (I didn't have and couldn't find red sticker letters, so I just free handeded it)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Take your wooden hearts and paint each one a different color and let dry. If you like a more rustic look, leave it at one coat, otherwise do a second coat once it's dry.

Once the hearts are done, add a persons name to each heart with the stickers, or free hand paint it with red paint like I did. Let dry, if needed. You could seal it with a clear sealer or mod podge if you'd like, or just leave it as is like I did.

Take your ribbon and cut it into, roughly, 5-6 inch strips. You'll need one strip in between each heart, if you're only making three hearts like I did, you'll need two strips. Glue the strips to the back of the hearts. I had about 3 inches between each heart.

Once you're done with "connecting" the hearts cut enough ribbon to make a bow with some hang off long enough to attach to the top heart. Make a bow and glue the ends of the "hanging strips" (I couldn't think of what else to call them :P) to the top of the first heart.

Now hang it up on your wall for others and you to enjoy!

I know I didn't have pictures for each step along the way, but I didn't think I'd be making a blog post about it, so hopefully you're able to follow these simple instructions via text!

Here's what mine looks like!:

Now you have a pretty, simple, and cute decoration for Valentine's Day! :)

For the pin you can go here, or repin at the top of this post!

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