Thursday, January 3, 2013

Brownie Christmas Trees

I realize that Christmas was already a week and a half ago, but I've decided to share this recipe with you now as it's one of the few things I made during my holiday baking that I managed to actually take a picture of, albeit a crappy picture. Either way, enjoy this! It's GOOD!

Every year at Christmas I do some baking, like many people. I love to bake and craft, so every Christmas I make a bunch of goodies for mine and my husbands families, as well as some friends and give left overs to co-workers. Among those goodies this year were some Brownie Christmas Trees. I originally found the idea somewhere on Pinterest but ended up not actually pinning it for whatever reason, probably because it's actually ridiculously easy and doesn't really require any instructions at all.

And so, I bring you...

Brownie Christmas Trees

Brownie mix (either boxed or your own personal recipe) and ingredients for mix/recipe
Green icing (or whatever icing you have and green food coloring)
Candy canes
Red cinnamon hot candies or any other candies you might have around for decorating

Make your brownies according to directions, including baking them. I found if you make it in a bigger pan the more brownies you get, however, bake in whatever size pan you deem worthy. Cool the brownies.

Once brownies are cool, cut them into triangles. I just cut them in half lengthwise and then made triangles by cutting on diagonals. I think I got about 8 trees per 9x9-inch pan, but it depends on how big you really want them I suppose.

Take your icing and either pipe it or smooth it on with a knife in a crossing formation, much like garland on a tree.

Finally, decorate your tree as you wish with your candies. Then, carefully push a 1-2 inch long piece of candy cane in the bottom to make the trunk.

And there you have it, a Brownie Christmas tree! :)

I hope you enjoy these as much as our families and my son did!

You can view my pin here.

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