Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New blog! :)


I've been thinking for some time about creating a new blog. I've tried in the past but failed miserably, but I'm determined to keep this going because I need something to do with myself.

This blog will primarily be about things going on in my life, any recipes I like, cool things I find, crafts I'm doing.. Basically anything that tickles my fancy! A part from being a life blog, this is also going to be a personal challenge for me. I'm an avid user of this little website called Pinterest and love to repin and try new things from there. I'm trying to do some sort of new Pinterest thing every week, every day if I can make it. We'll see how long this lasts I suppose!

Now a little about me! My name is Amanda, I'm 23, a newlywed (as of September 14, 2012), and a mother to a fun, happy, exciting little 3 year old boy. I love to keep busy, usually by baking or crafting. I'm also opinionated and love to talk (often too much).

So here it is! It's my blog, hello everyone (or no one - haha!), I hope you enjoy it. :)


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